Alonissos Villas is part of “Alonnisos Travel” and was the brainchild of newlyweds, Diogenis and Dimitra Theodorou way back in 1987.

The business started out by providing boat and ferry tickets to the neighbouring islands and the Greek mainland and was allowed to organically grow with Alonissos born Diogenis at the helm.

“Alonnisos Travel” carries a dynamic approach to the travel industry and yet manages to hold on to the essential customer care values that only a local agent acknowledges. The company’s philosophy is simple enough: ‘Encounter customer as a unique active traveller and offer him what he wants, when he wants it, at a competitive price’. Quality of service is number one priority accompanied to an authentic caring approach.

‘Alonnisos Travel’ is at the forefront of local travel agencies with Diogenis, Dimitra their son Christos and a committed team to keep on the good work giving a more progressive approach.

Everyone is hand’s on in each department, whether it is vehicle hire, accommodation, excursions, activities, travel tickets etc.

We exceed customer’s expectations by offering supplementary benefits such as a full concierge package, including private personal catering and running errands 24/7.

The experience of Alonissos Villas under ‘Alonnisos Travel’ services echoes into your pleasant and memorable stay.